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Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort

 Guangzhou Attractions

Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort is located in Guangzhou Conghua river side, right in the center of "80km green tourism corridor of Conghua". The Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort is surrounded by several overlapping peaks, lush trees and rivers. The total area of Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort is 240 mu with a construction area of over 40,000 square meters. It is a five-star standard hot spring themed resort invested by the Civil Aviation Air traffic control Central. Combining catering, accommodation, entertainment and large outdoor hot spring, Bishuiwan Hot Spring is a great place to have a relaxed weekend. 

Opening hours: 09:00AM - 1: 00AM
Children in the height of 1.2 - 1.4 meters purchase children tickets, children under 1.2 meters are free of charge.
Entrance tickets inclclude: 36 hot pools (including fish spa pool, SPA pool ); two dance acrobatics everyday, free bread, fruit, coffee, tea, pastries, beverages, etc. at lounge: free cucumber mask, first-served basis ; free health advice from medicine experts at State Medical Center;
Optional program that do not include in the entrence fee: all kinds of massage, foot massage, etc.; casual snacks; meeting viewing pool, package pool.
Off season: May.4 - Sep.30; high season: Oct.1 - May.3

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