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Chaohu Lake

 Hefei Attractions

Covering a circumference of 400 kilometers, the Chaohu Lake is located in the middle of Anhui Province.It is famous for its bird-nest-like profile.,hence the name Chaohu Lake (Nest Lake). Chaohu Lake belongs to the Yangtze River water system. The water of Chaohu Lake flows out from Chao County to Yangtze River via Yuxi River.

As the legend goes, the site of Chaohu Lake was once a city called Chaozhou. One day, an old lady named Jiao had a premonition that the city would soon sink. She informed people living in the city of this bad news and led them to safety. To commemorate this great old lady, the lake was also called Jiao Lake later on.

Cover an area of 820 square kilometers,it is the fifth largest fresh-water lake in China . It is reputed as the Oriental Geneva for its location in the Golden Triangle of Anhui. It is the perfect rice production area for its good water system.

The Chaohu Lake is famous for its landscape. The two main islands are the Gushan Island and the Laoshan Island.They are like two jewels which embedded into the middle of the lake.

The Gushan Island covers an area of 0.86 square kilometers and has entertainment places and resort villages.There are many cultural sites are scattered on the Laoshan (Mt. Lao) Wenfeng Pagoda, Shengfei Temple, Nantang Port and some other pavilions.

When touring on the island, it feels like stepping into a fairyland. There are three hot springs surround the lake, namely Bantang Spring, Fragrant Spring, and Tangchi Spring. Bantang, Tang Pool and Fragrant Spring are the three most celebrated hot springs around the lake. Bathing in the hot springs is good for your health. It can cure several kinds of diseases, for example, skin disease.

Moreover, along the lakeside are also four national forestry parks, also known as four emeralds, namely Taihu Hill, Jilong Hill, Yefu Hill, and Tianjing Hill. Besides, great attractions of the Chaohu Lake also include five water-eroded caves, namely Xianren Cave, Ziwei Cave, Wangqiao Cave, Huayang Cave, and Boshan Cave.

Chaohu Lake has abundant aquatic products such as silver fish, shrimps and crabs which are reputed as the 'Three Treasures'. Paying a visit there, tourists can have a feast of the 'Three Treasures' while appreciating the appealing scenery.

With beautiful scenery, the Chaohu Lake has become the key tourism development zone and sanatorium of Anhui Province.Many sights spread round the Chaohu Lake, like the Ziwei Cave and the Wangqiao Cave.They are famous for uncanny workmanship of the carved figures of Buddha, and Xianren Cave, which has various enchanting stalactites. 

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