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Danxia Mountain

 Shaoguan Attractions

Danxia Mountain is a mountain of science and culture. Danxia Mountain consists of a dozen red conglomerate Danxia hills. It is the most complete, unique beautiful and typical Danxia landform Among 1200 Danxia landscapes in the world, it is also called "open-air geological museum". 

At the same time Danxia Mountain also has some unique stone, such as Yang Yuan Stone, yin Yuan Stone, Breasts stone, Sleeping Beauty and other attractions, make Danxia Mountain "natural sex culture museum". 
In addition, Danxia Mountain has a long and rich history. Some beautiful historical stories and legends are widely spread here, Emperor Shun played Shao music on his southern journey, Nu Wa made up the Sky and so on. The mountain is a major attraction of Shaoguan

Brilliant cliff and inscriptions, 80 multiple magical ancient rock fortress and temple, Kam Shiyan nunnery and Biechuan Buddhist temple as well as the mysterious hanging coffin and rock coffin, those have great historical and cultural value. It’s not only the precious cultural heritages, but also important tourist resources.

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