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Dimen Dong People's Village

 Liping County Attractions

Delmonte Dongzhai located in Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, northern Liping Mao Gong Township, located four kilometers from the township government, is one of the sources of the Yangtze River water to the river, the village of about five hundred two thousand people, all Dong, Wu, of which 90% is. Emigrated in the Yuan and Ming Wu, Del Monte, a part of Southeast Guizhou Tianzhu County, far from the town moved to this, a part of the car from a neighboring county Rongjiang moved from the river, up to now more than 700 years of history . Delmonte Wu ancestors settled after hardworking farming, food and clothing, a flourishing population, and soon developed into 1300, so called "thousand three palpable." Delmonte minutes later by a part of the tribute to Mao; a part of the cave to December; a part of the board Cen, Luo live. 
Del Monte, based voice translation Dong names, literally translated as a steady stream of water spring source, transliterated as "native habitat." Delmonte Wu has five ward family, ward family was not allowed to marry, while staying focused each ward family, and each room has a family residence Walled name five names are Walled Walled mother, Mountain Village, Wai Village, mold and Yin Walled Walled; Delmonte Quanzhai have three Gulou 5 Huaqiao, including mold walled tower is "one thousand three," the root of the source of construction camp. Delmonte Gulou Dong belong to the most common Miyan - sided octagonal tower.

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