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Dongba Museum

 Lijiang Attractions

Located nearby Yuquan Garden in Lijiang City, Yunnan, Dongba Museum, is a museum which was designed to display the splendid Dongba culture of Naxi (Nakhi) people, it is also known as Dongba Culture Museum.

The Dongba culture, mainly referring to the language and scriptures, is a special culture term because the people of Naxi are less modernized and the people developed a writing system, a music style, and a religion different than the majority of Chinese. In 2003, the Dongba classical literature was accepted as a written world heritage by UNESCO, which is by now the only living hieroglyph in the world and is regarded as a precious cultural relic of mankind.

Dongba Museum was built at the Black Dragon Pool of Lijiang in 1984 for better protection, research and development of the Dongba Culture. It is built rationally based on the site topography and landforms, forming the ancient architectural complex with the colonial courtyard as the major building area. Buildings in the museum follow the layout of Naxi folk house in different historical periods, taking advantage of the natural landscape of Yuquan Spring and Elephant Mountain.

The museum has more than 10000 Dongba cultural relics and various other historical relics, covering the branches of astronomy, geography, literature, art, history, religions, etc. Well known as "Dongba Culture Exhibition", Dongba Museum is a great place to admire the famous hieroglyphs and other ritual articles of Naxi, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Visitors will have an opportunity to explore the rich Naxi minority culture, learn more about the ancient but almost extinct Naxi culture, writing system and belief system that is called Dongba from the old teachers or the other people there.

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