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Dongchuan Red Land

 Kunming Attractions

Dongchuan Red Land is located at 250 kilometers from Kunming, it is considered the most grand and magnificent red soil land in the world besides the red land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And it is believed it's more powerful and beautiful than Brazil's. The most beautiful views has to be during sunrise and sunset. 

Dongchuan Red soil is located in the rural place Wumeng Mountainous area approximately 180 kilometers north of Kunming. The Red land has become famous amongst photographers for its red soil. During the mid 1990s, the first Chinese photographers came to discover the Wumeng's scenery. The brilliant red soil contrasted with the yellow buckwheat and the dramatic skies make the region around Dongchuan a paradise for photographers.

The best time to visit Dongchuan is between May and June or September to December.  With the change in seasons you can see different sceneries. In the summer you can seewhen rice come to mature the land full of yellow flowers, the fields are golden during this season. When autumn approaches, parts of red land need to be planted again and other lands planted with highland barley a Yunnan special white Cole flower provides amazing colorful scenery.

According to locals the third day after rain is when the red soil is most beautiful. The wet earth under the sunshine makes the colors all the more more attractive. With the blue sky the shadows come to reflect the beautiful array of colors across the magnificent fields. 

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