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Grand Mosque of Shadian

 Honghe Prefecture Attractions

Shadian town, situated in Gejiu City, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province of China, is a famous Hui community in Yunnan Province. And it has the Grand Mosque of Shadian located there is the largest mosque in southeast China.

Grand Mosque of Shadian was originally built in the year of 1684. After several restorations and reconstructions, the new Grand Mosque of Shadian is built into a large-scaled mosque with a construction area of 18,000 square meters. It is able to hold a capacity of 10,000 people to do prayers at a time.

Grand Mosque of Shadian is consisted by main buildings of prayer hall, vault and four minarets. This grand mosque has inherited the decoration style for its galleries, arches and pillars from Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. What attracts most of this mosque is its grand vault which has an inner diameter of 20 meters and a height of 42 meters. In the middle of the vault there is a large dome surrounded by four small domes in the four directions, while at the top of the dome there featured an Islamic styled crescent.

There are four magnificent minarets standing in the four corners of the mosque. They are splendid to have a height of 93 meters. The intricateness of this mosque also lies in the characteristic that there are gorgeous arched galleries to connect the prayer hall, domes and minarets, which makes the three parts an integral combination. The hall of the mosque is decorated with stone carved Quran and golden decorations. The eight huge pillars inside the hall are veneered with marble materials. Grand Mosque of Shadian is a main place for Muslims in the area and it is a famous and must see Muslim attraction when for a Muslim tour in Yunnan Province.

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