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Guangdong Science Center

 Guangzhou Attractions

Located in Xiao Guwei Island as a part of the Guangzhou University area, Guangdong Science Center is the largest of its kind in China with a land area of 450,000 square meters and a construction area of 137,500 square meters. Combining the functions of science education, science research, academic exchange, science exhibition, and leisure sightseeing, Guangdong Science Center is a hot tourist attractions to see in Guangzhou.

The Guangdong Science Center has eight permanent themed areas, including Children's world, Experiments and Found, Digital World, Traffic World, Green Homeland, Space Dream, Human and Health, Version and Experience. And there are four Technology theaters: three-dimensional giant screen, four-dimensional giant screen, ball screen, and virtual navigation. A digital home experience museum, open laboratories and a number of temporary themed areas are also structures of the center.

With the application of high technology and education methods, the Guangdong Science Center exhibits the history of science and technology along with current and future developments to tourists in an interactive and interesting ways. Visiting the center is a great way to participate, experience and gain scientific knowledge.

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