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Guangzhou Xianxian Mosque

 Guangzhou Attractions

Guangzhou Xianxian Mosque is the largest worship place for Muslim people in Guangzhou. The Masque is a garden-style cemetery, opposite the Guangzhou Railway Station, back of the former site of Canton Fair. Its predecessor was the tomb of Muslim Missionarie Saade Bin Aibi Wangesu. 

Constructed on an area of approximately 1077 square meters, the Guangzhou Xianxian Mosque site actually covers a surface area of 1,860 square meters. The Xianxian Mosque in Guangzhou was built to honor of 40 famous Arabic Muslim missionaries.

The major architectures of the mosque include the prayer hall, pavillion, wing-room and other facilities. The prayer hall is a two-floor building, which can hold 3000 people to do prayer. Most of the existing buildings in the mosque are the architectural style of Ming Dynasty. 

In this bustling Guangzhou downtown, the Xianxian Mosque sits quietly greet hordes of Muslims who come to worship Allah, especially on every Friday Prayers, Muslim brothers and sisters around the world will stop their work to enjoy the comfort of the moment. 

Guangzhou Xianxian Mosque Address:
No. 204, Huaishi West Road, Guangzhou, China


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