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Hengsha Shuxiang Street

 Guangzhou Attractions

Hengsha Shuxiang Street is located at the south of Hengsha Village, Huangpu District of Guangzhou. The street is a famous ancient street in Guangzhou and is full of Chinese culture. For tourists wanting to know ancient Chinese culture and feel the history, the Hengsha Shuxiang Street is an ideal place to visit.

The Hengsha Shuxiang Street was built during the Yuan Dynasty and later rebuilt in Qing Dynasty. Shuxiang Street has a length of 260 meters with 85 ancient houses remained. The most famous old buildings in the Shuxiang Street are the 53 old private schools that were kept from Qing Dynasty. However, currently there are only 16 old private school were preserved in the street.

Besides old private school, Shuxiang Street also has many other valuable historical buildings and temples. There are the Hu Tian Luo Ancestral Hall, which was built in 1925 and it is where the Hengsha Elementary School located; Yuepu Living Room, which was the living place of Yuepu who was the musician of Empress Cixi; and Gongfu Family Study Hall, which is a garden-style mansion built in early Republic of China. 

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