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Karamay Wild Animal Reserve

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On December 30, 2002, the Xinjiang government approved the establishment of Karamay Mayigele Nature Reserve. The protected areas are located in the Karamay District with the coordinates of E85°01'~85°37', N45°09'~45°31'. An area of 60000 hectares protects mainly desert ecosystems.

Most of the protected areas are in Xiaoguai grazing land, and the protected goal is pastures, plains, and desert ecosystems. The ancient topography of the Reserve was made by Run off from Lake and rivers which became alluvial plains. In the extremely dry Karamay climate, the average precipitation for the year is 107 mm. In 1998, the Manasi River flooded and formed a new lake area of about 28 square km. The lake vegetation is mainly reeds, which are now the habitat of egrets and other large waterfowl.

The protected areas of the region have about 30% vegetation covering. Major species are including the Huyang (Poplardeversifolious). BranchyTamarisk, Suosuo (Haloxylon ammondendrom), Jianpeng (Suaedasalsa), and Roucongrong (Cistanche desertico). These are among the 46 species of plants in the reserve. The Goitered antelope and swans are among 40 animal species.

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