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Kazak yurt

 Urumqi Attractions

At one time, the nomadic Kazakhs lived in yurts (cone-shaped tents of white felt stretched over a framework of wooden poles). It can be seen everywhere in the prairie. There are many mushroom-like yurts in the vast expanse of grassland in Xinjiang.Pepple call them the "White House" for the yurts made by the white blanket and decorated very particular.

Visiting the yuts is like going into art galleries.The ground is covered with flower carpets and drapes made of beautiful embroidery fabric.Kazakh women is called as folk artist,they weave the main band of yurt(called Buzz Hull Kazakh language) in order to reinforcement yurt wooden fence amd beautify it.

Yurts are light and easy to assemble, convenient dismantle and carry around.Although yurts have lost their former importance today,yurts is still used as temporary dwellings of chabans (shepherds) at remote seasonal pastures.In the modern times, Kazakhs have lived in their permanent homes in rural settlements instead of wandering in the prairie.

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