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Leigong Mountain

 Leishan County Attractions

Leigong Mountain, located in southeast Leishan county, Guizhou Province, with an elevation of 2178.8 m. It is not only a national nature reserves and national forest parks, but also a humanity's valuable natural heritage and the magnificent treasure of the Chinese nation. 

The United Nations Health Organization UNESCO called it "The best preserved unspoiled ecological culture land, it is the ideal kingdom for human back to nature, return to nature, it is also one of the world's top ten tourist destinations forest."

Leigong Mountain is is towering, majestic and green. The streams is clear, waterfalls falling from high peaks. flowers and birds everywhere. In blooming season of red, white, purple magnolia and azaleas, it is beathtaking beautiful. Below the mountain, distributed Miao people's minority village. You can also view the sunrise and sunset at the peak, it is misty, picturesque and refreshing.

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