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Acrobatics Show (Beijing)
Chinese acrobatics is said to have started during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) two thousand yea old, though some claim it is four thousand yea old on the basis of the myth…
Acrobatics Show
Introduction to Ahun Dixi Drama (安顺屯堡地戏)Ahun Dixi Drama, also known as Ahun Ground Opera, is a kind of local drama that is quite popular at local Ahun regio. Every year when S…
Anshun Dixi Drama
Anren Ancient Town (Chengdu)
Introduction to Anren Ancient Town (安仁古镇)Anren Ancient Town is one of the famous historic and cultural tow in Sichuan Province. The town is situated 41 kilomete away from Cheng…
Anren Ancient Town
Ayuwang Temple (Ningbo)
Introduction to Ayuwang Temple (阿育王寺)Ayuwang Temple is important for its stupa housing the sarira of the historical Buddha. It is said after his body was cremated, colorful bead…
Ayuwang Temple
Ancient Plank Road (Chongqing)
Introduction to Ancient Plank Road (古栈道)The Ancient Plank Road was fit built in Qing Dynasty, it was a time when the navigation during the flood season prohibited. Until 1888 (th…
Ancient Plank Road
Introduction to Alshan Alpine Ski Resort (阿尔山滑雪场) The Alshan Alpine Ski Resort is known for its forest mountain landscapes and, it's natural oxygen bar providing visito wi…
Alshan Alpine Ski Resort
Aqua Luna (Hong Kong)
Introduction to Aqua Luna (张保仔) The Aqua Luna is a replica of the traditional fishing junks of Hong Kong. The boat which is run by the Aqua Restaurant Group is one of the most lu…
Aqua Luna

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