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Lhasa railway station is 20 kilomete from Potala Palace. The altitude of the station is 3,600 km. architecture of the station is in Tibetan style: the main color is red. The floor i…
Lhasa Railway Station
Luoyang Railway Station was originally built in 1908 but went through major renovation and reopen in 1992. The renewed station takes up 21,000 square mete. A huge square is located …
Luoyang Railway Station
Huanhuaxi Park (Chengdu)
Huanhuaxi Park is one of the top five parks in Chengdu. It is located behind the Dufu Thatched Cottage and connected to the Sichuan Provincial Museum to the east. With an occupation…
Huanhuaxi Park
Shunxing Old Teahouse is a famous teahouse featuring the history and culture of tea in Chengdu. It is located on the third floor of Chengdu International Convention and Exposition C…
Shunxing Old Teahouse
Mogan Mountain (Huzhou)
Mogan Mountain is in the centre of the Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou, which is the National Scenic Area. At the same time, Mogan Mountain is Chinese famous for holiday leisure place…
Mogan Mountain
Hongkou Drifting (Chengdu)
Hongkou Drifting Centre, which has the reputation of the fit drifting centre in western China, and is one of the national canoeing training bases because people can drift about 24.2…
Hongkou Drifting
Shuadu Cultural Square is a famous cultural square in Chengdu. Combining food, entertainment, and leisure, Shuadu Cultural Square is a popular place to experience the local fabulous…
Shuadu Culture Square
Jiuzhai and Huanglong Airport
Jiuzhai and Huanglong Airport
The ancient city of Weishan is located on Mount Weishan in the west of Yunnan Province. The ancient city was established during Yuan Dynasty. The city is centered by an arch gate to…
Weishan Ancient City
Donglianhua Village, also called East Village of Lotus, is situated in Yongjian Towhip, Weishan Yi and Hui Nationalities Autonomous County of Yunnan Province. Donglianhua Village is…
Donglianhua Village

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