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Gongbei Underground Shopping Center
Gongbei Underground Shopping Center
Goddess Peak (Chongqing)
There are many beautiful fairy tales related to goddess peak, in the pre-history era, there lived many fairies in the palace of heaven. Among them, Yaoji, the twenty-third daughter …
Goddess Peak
Jingzhou divided into three parts, from outside to iide are Water City, Brick City and Earth City respectively. The water city is the moat of the city wall, it connects Tai Lake to …
Jingzhou Ancient City Wall
Ancient Plank Road (Chongqing)
The Ancient Plank Road was fit built in Qing Dynasty, it was a time when the navigation during the flood season prohibited. Until 1888 (the 14th reign year of Guangxu emperor of qin…
Ancient Plank Road
Qu Yuan Temple (Yueyang)
The temple was fit built 5 kilomete east of Guizhou, Zigui during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and recotructed in Song (960-1279) while the temple was renovated many times afterwards.…
Qu Yuan Temple
There are two veio of the legend about the famous and mysterious gorge. Fit one is about Zhuge Liang who wrote a book on the art of war which was the experience of his whole life. O…
Military Book & Precious Sword Gorge
Introduction to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (广州孙中山纪念堂) Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a symbolic cotruction and also a top tourist attraction in Guangzhou. Sun Yat-sen Memorial …
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Thousand Lake Mountain (Shangri-La)
Thousand Lake Mountain is fantastic camping area with an amazing view of Haba and Yulong Mountain. The mountain is dotted with cool alpine lakes. Although it's not known for sur…
Thousand Lake Mountain
The Huyang Poplar Forest is near the desert highway situated in Luntai. Located near the Tarim Basin, the forest is the world's largest area of natural Huyang Poplar. The forest…
Luntai Huyang Poplar Forest Park-
The Greater Khingan Mountai is referred to as the "Last Pure Land". In spring the red azaleas are in full bloom. In the summer, the fragrance of the forests fills the air.…
Greater Khingan Mountains

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