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BYD Shenzhen (Shenzhen)
Introduction to BYD Shenzhen (比亚迪深圳)BYD Company Limited is a high-tech enterprise specializing in four industries: IT, Automobile, New Energy and Light Rail. The company is lis…
BYD Shenzhen
Introduction to Bada Shanren Mei Lake Scenic Area Bada Shanren Mei Lake Scenic Area lies in the south of Changnan Avenue in Qingyunpu District of Nanchang, about 7.5km away from Nan…
Bada Shanren Mei Lake Scenic Area
Introduction to Badaling Remnant Great Wall Badaling Remnant Great Wall is located at 10 kilomete southwest to Badaling GreatBadaling Remnant Great Wall is situated 10 kilometres fr…
Badaling Remnant Great Wall
Introduction to Bai Gong Fang (百工坊) Bai Gong Fang is Beijing's center of traditional handicrafts of China, made up of 30 studios and more than 100 traditional arts this is th…
Bai Gong Fang Museum
Binhai Library (Tianjin)
Introduction to Binhai Library (滨海图书馆) Tianjin Binhai Library was opened to the public in 2017 after a three year cotruction period. The library was designed by Rotterdam based…
Binhai Library

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