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Luoyang Railway Station

 Luoyang Attractions

Luoyang Railway Station was originally built in 1908 but went through major renovation and reopen in 1992. The renewed station takes up 21,000 square meters. A huge square is located at the front of the station. The three main intercity bus stations are near the railway station which makes it easier for travelers to commute after they arrived at the station. The square at the east has bus station, the one at the west has both bus and taxi station. Slow-speed train (four digit train) and normal-speed train (letter K, T, Z) are operated at this station.

The station is at the intersection of Lanzhou-Lianyungang railway, Jiaozuo-Liuzhou railway, and Luoyang-Zhanjiang railway. Alongside Zhengzhou Railway Station, Luoyang Railway Station plays an important role in the railway transportation in the middle China. 

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