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Michael Jackson Gallery

 Macau Attractions

The Michael Jackson Gallery is the first of its kind in Asia. It is located at the second floor of MJ Café at Ponte 16, Sofitel in Macau. This is a small gallery, but quite an attraction to Michael Jackson fans.

The Michael Jackson attracts tourists for its valuable collection of around 40 different memorabilia including the famed studded glove and socks worn by MJ when he premiered the moonwalk during a performance of 'Billie Jean'.

Also there are customs and attire on display at the gallery. Album covers for Michael Jack and the earlier Jackson 5 group can be found at the gallery. Tourists can also see videos of Michael Jackson on the wall screens and a featuring timeline of Michael Jackson’s career in a small hall. For those tourists wanting to buy souvenirs of Michael Jackson can find at the small gift shop at the gallery.

Admission Fee: Free

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