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Nan Hua Temple

 Shaoguan Attractions

Nan Hua Temple is one of the 6 temples in Guangdong, it’s also known as Baolin Temple, is a world-renowned Buddhist temples, known as the crown of Lingnan Buddhist temple.Nan Hua Temple can dating back to nearly fifteen hundred years ago, there is Zhuoxi Spring (commonly known as the Nine Dragon Spring) behind the temple. There are also several 10 meter ancient Chinese cypresses here; it is now the world's rarest trees. A large number of precious relics are been preserved in the temple, so it is also a national cultural relics protection units.

Nanhua Temple (南華寺) is one of the most well known Buddhist monasteries in Southern China founded by Indian monk Zhiyao Sanzang in 502 AD. Set over 12,000sqm, the well maintained temple is equally matched by its pleasant natural surroundings. It was home to important Zen Buddhist figure Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism, who once lived at the monastery. The temple grounds feature The Life-Saving Pond (full of fish, birds and turtles), the beautifully painted Five Fragances Pavillion, seven halls of relics, exquisitely detailed Buddhist shrines, monk quarters and bell and drum towers.

Daxiong Treasure Hall is the largest and uppermost ancient building. It is the important place to the temple to hold ritual. Three 8 meters high Buddha statues and a 4 meters high Kwan-yin statue are placed in the temple, with 500 visual arhats stand in four sides. The temple treasures up rare historical relics like the real body of Liuzu and a 500 kg copper bell.

Address: Along Caoxi River, 7km east to Maba Town, Qujiang District, Shaoguan
Admission: 20RMB 

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