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Nanwan Village

 Guangzhou Attractions

Nanwan Village is an ancient water town located in Huangpu District of Guangzhou. Reputed as the ‘small Zhouzhuang in Guangzhou’, Nanwan Village attracts tourists for its distinctive Lingnan water scenery featured with pavilion, bridges, ancient architectures and houses, boat docks and dikes.

Nanwan Village was built during Ming Dynasty and has a history more than 600 years. Nanwan Village was the commercial center in old times and was quite rich. Therefore, the architectures and streets were well built and now the village has preserved many ancient architectures and streets.

There are many historical buildings in Nanwan Village to see. Main sights in Nanwan include Mai Family Temple, Wenchang Tower, Dragon Spring Ancient Well, Ever-spring Rock, Nanwan Park, Nanwan People’s Hall, Ancient Dragon Temple, etc.

Mai Family Temple is the largest and most famous building in Nanwan Village. This temple was originally built during Qing Dynasty. With carved beams and painted crafters, especially the more than 30 ancient murals, The Mai Family Temple is a great place to see. What attract people most is the platform which was used to air books in this temple. It is said that only rich family has this kind of platform in ancient time.

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