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Nanxi Tulou Cluster

 Longyan Attractions

The Nanxi Tulou cluster is the name applied to a section of the Nanxi ("South Creek") Valley in Hukeng Town (Yongding County), which for a distance of several kilometers is almost continuously built up with tulous. For its striking visual effect, the area is referred to by some authors as the "Tulou Great Wall".

Zhenfu Lou is the representative of Nanxi Tulou, it's beautiful and dignified, known as the sisiter tulou of Zhencheng Lou. This is a magnificent round tulou building, which designed according to the layout and construction of Bagua. The scenery around Zhenfu Lou is very beautiful.

Huanji Lou is another unique one located in Nanxi Tulou cluster. The biggest feature of this building is the amazing performance in earthquake, for the last 300 years, after many strike of earthquakes, it's still stable and firm.
There are something else special about Huanji Lou: There is no Shrine inside this building, let along it has an spacious yard. This is the only one among all the Tulouin Yongding. So it's an incredible exist in feudal society who emphasize in order and confucianism. Because of that, Huanji Lou is also been called "rebellious House." When people adimire the architectural art of Huanji Lou, they also have admiration for the architect's creative spirit of rebellion.

Yanxiang Lou, a round tulou in Xinnan Village figures on the World Heritage List as Site 1113-004.

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