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Nanxiong Gingko Forest

 Shaoguan Attractions

There are countless Gingko trees in Nanxiong for example only Pingtian town, one of the small town in Nanxiong city already owns more than 5,000 gingko trees. It is said that Nanxiong is honored as “the homeland of Gingko trees”.
The seeds and the leaves of gingko have great economic use, playing a very important role of the agriculture of Nanxiong. But these gingko forests are not just for agriculture but also for tourism.
The leaves of gingko trees turn into golden yellow during the middle of November and the beginning of December every year. It is the best time to appreciate the wonderful autumn in gingko forest of Nanxiong. When the autumn comes, many tourists come all around China to enjoy the resplendent colors and the quaint villages. When you come to visit the gingko forest of Nanxiong, it seems that you come into a fairyland. The golden leaves are so charming, with the shape like the butterfly and the golden flame, singing and dancing in the wind.
You can see gingko forest in many towns in Nanxiong. Here are two representative gingko forest towns to recommend.

1. November and December are the tourism months of Nanxiong. Hotels need to be booked in advance. 

2. The forest is located in the mountains, so bring enough clothes as it may be a little cold at night.

3. The gingko forest in Nanxiong has attracted a lot of photography enthusiasts for its beautiful yellow color leaves of ginkgo trees and the natural environment. Make sure to bring a good camera to capture the bright autumn colors of the forest. 

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