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Onelink Wholesale Market

 Guangzhou Attractions

Guangzhou Onelink Plaza is one of the major places for shopping, especially wholesale shopping in Guangzhou. Located on the northern bank of Pearl River, the Onelink Plaza in the height of 138.9 meters with 41 floors is an iconic building in the area. For tourists traveling to Guangzhou, the Onelink Plaza is a great place to buy souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.

The Onelink Plaza is where the Guangzhou Onelink International Toys and Gifts Wholesale Market located. Boasting ‘the heaven of toys’, you can find all toys of different varieties in Onelink Plaza.

The Onelink Plaza is a modern wholesale, exhibition, and business office center. From the first floor underground to the 6th floor is the wholesale market and other floors are for commercial purpose. With a wide range of choices of different products, you can buy products such as toys, home decorations, arts and crafts, jewelry, sporting goods, keychains, collectibles, gifts, etc. You can buy in bulk or retain here and do not forget to bargain with sellers.

How to Get there: 
Metro: Take metro line 2 to arrive at Haizhu Square station. Get out from Exit B2, then walk straight for about 100 meters at the first big crossroads, you will see Onelink Plaza at the front.

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