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Qionghai Lake

 Xichang Attractions

Situated about 7 kilometers from the city center of Xichang City, Liangshang Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, Qionghai Lake is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sichuan Province. Covering an area of 31 square kilometers, Qionghai Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in Sichuan Province. Nestling to the northeast foot of Lushan Mountain and north of Luoji Mountain, Qionghai Lake has beautiful natural scenery and has attracted a lot of tourists there.

Qionghai Lake is famed for its peace and tranquility. It has different sceneries in the four seasons. Its green spring and blue summer, golden autumn and pure winter would bring you different fresh visions. And its most attractive views of the sunset always get the highlight for people traveling to Qionghai Lake. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset in a boat floating along the lake is always the most pleasant experience for tourists. Qionghai Lake not only has elegant natural scenery, there are also many beautiful legends about this lake which make the lake more mysterious and charming.

In Qionghai Lake, there are also various species of fish and birds. Around Qionghai Lake there are tourists sites like Moon Bay, Qionghai Park, Wetland Park, Qinglong Temple and many other sits to enjoy, which will make your tour to Qionghai Lake richer.

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