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Residential Area on High Platform

 Kashgar Attractions

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to Residential Area on High Platform

Residential Area on High Platform is one of the most intriguing attractions of Kashgar. The residential area can date back to more than 2,000 years and is over 40 meters in height and 800 meters in width. Over the years many building have collapsed due to erosion and have been replaced with brick buildings. There are many small alleyways that crisscross around the historical area. Many of the houses have remained the same for at least 400 years with the homes being passed from each generation to the next. Tucked away in the alleys is pottery workshops that are still running and producing pottery. The traditional houses of Kashgar are usually two storey high that are made of poplar wood and bricks made of mud. Courtyards and balconies are often decorated with decorations and woodcarvings.  

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Kashgar, Xinjiang

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Pottery Workshops, Traditional Houses, Courtyards

Shanhaiguan Great Wall 

Travel Information

Opening Hours: 9:30AM - 8:30AM

Admission: CNY30

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


1. Take buses 7, 11, 17 or 20 getting off at Dongmen stop.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

1. To prevent yourself from getting lost in the alleys only walk places that have paved tiles.

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