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Sanbao Dong Village

 Rongjiang County Attractions

Sanbao Dong Village is situated in Chejiang Township of Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province. As the village lies in the biggest inter-mountain basin of Southeast Guizhou with Douliujiang River, which is the largest river running through Rongjiang County, the Sanbao Dong Village is bestowed with rich natural resources and beautiful scenery.

The Sanbao Dong Village has the largest inhabiting region of Dong ethnic people in China, Sanbao Dong VIlage boasts primitive and original folk customs and architectures specialized of Dong ethnic minority. At the village, you will see the largest group of ancient banyan trees in the village, which are as ancient as 300 years old. Also you will see the classical architectures of drum towers in the village, which are symbolic constructions of Dong ethnic minority. The folk customs of Dong people are also very interesting. You will be welcomed by the local people with singing. The local Dong people celebrate Sama Festival and hold celebration ceremony. Sama is the goodness of Dong people, and you will also see many Sama Temple built in the village. The unspoiled natural environment, the orderly laid out wooden houses, the primitive lifestyle and the unique folk customs in the village have made Sanbao Dong Village a great place for leisure and sightseeing.

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