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Seven Star Crag Scenic Area

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Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Introduction to Seven Star Crag Scenic Area(七星岩景区)

Seven Star Crag Scenic Area is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong. It’s famous for its "dangerous peak, different stone, odd holes and ancient temple".The Scenic Area include the Star Lake area and seven peaks, they are scattered around the lake like the Big Dipper, so it is called the Seven Star Crag; Star Lake covers a total area of 6.49 million square meters, and has a bank of 20 kilometers. 

The Seven Star Crags are natural formations of the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation, therefore hence the name “Seven Stars Crags”.There are many legends regarding the origin of the Seven Star Crags. It has been said that the seven peaks of the Seven Star Crags are seven mysterious rocks left by Nu Wa when she mended the Sky. The Seven Star Crags Scenic Area is a beautiful park with green scenery. 

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


Yingbin Avenue, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Main Sights

Seven Star Crag Arch, Goddess Lake Wetland, Longyan Cave, Reclining Buddha, Sky Column Rock, Stone Steles Causeway, red-crowned cranes and flamingoes

Shanhaiguan Great Wall 

Travel Information

Entrance: CNY78  (excluding admission to attractions sites)

Student: CNY35 with valid ID

Battery Cart: CNY10/session

Opening Hours: 07:30AM - 05:30PM

Shanhaiguan Great Wall


By bus: in the urban area of Zhaoqin, take No.19, get off at the west entrance to the scenic area. 

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Travel Tips 

1. Recommended length of visit: one day

Shanhaiguan Great Wall

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