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Taigucang Wharf

 Guangzhou Attractions

The Taigucang Wharf in Guangzhou features exotic European-style architecture, a fascinating waterscape, a red wine club, and many other attractions. 

The Taigucang Wharf is consisted by the three T-shaped concrete bridge piers and seven brick and wood warehouses, with the land area of ??54,888 square meters, and terminal shoreline of 321 meters.

Located in Guangzhou, Henan (Haizhu District) White Shell (old name), the Taigucang Wharf Guangzhou Cina was built by the Swire Pacific Limited from 1904 to 1908 for the for CNCo companies. This Taigucang Wharf was a relatively perfect storage terminals in Guangzhou in the 1920s. In 2005, it was designated as the Guangzhou cultural relics protection units. 

At the beginning after the completed construction, the agency of the black chimney Swire Pacific Limited steamship company operated the wharf, mainly the Far East, Central and South Asia as well as to and from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Haiphong (Vietnam) and other routes. There are up to 30 vessels, of which 26 cruise vessels which are around three thousand tons berthing loading and unloading cargo only in Guangzhou Pacific Wharf.

February 24, 1953, the Guangzhou Military Control Commission was ordered to request the expropriation of Pacific Wharf. Then the Taigucan Wharf become nationalization wharf, successively operated by the Guangzhou Port and Guangzhou Port Group until now.  

Taigucang Wharf Film Library
Taigucang Wharf Film Library has an area of 3000 square meters, with six auditoriums, which can accommodate 830 people; In May 2010, this Taigucang Wharf Film Libary was officially opened to the Guangzhou audience, to give us a different viewing experience: Here, visitors not only can enjoy the coolest and most unusual fashion film, but also relax themselves, taste the classic of Guangzhou. 

Excellent Location
Taigucang Wharf is located at the back of waterway along the Pearl River in Haizhu District, also is the heart of the G-F megalopolis, and convenient transportation. This privileged position is irreplaceable. 

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