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Wang's Compound

 Lingshi Attractions

Located in Jingsheng Town, Lingshi County, Wang's Compound is 35 kilometers to Pingyao Ancient City, 140 kilometers to Taiyuan City.Built during 1762-1811, Wang's Compound is a wonderful local residence.It belongs to the Wang Family which is considered as one of the four famous families of the Qing Dynasty in Shanxi Province.

Covering an area of 150,000 square meters (about 179,399 square yards), Wang's Compound reflect the spirit of Chinese traditional culture.There are 123 small courtyards, 1118 houses of it are considered as the "China Art Gallery houses" and "Chinese Wang museum",covering an area of 45,000 square meters.

The stone sculpture,wood sculpture and brick sculpture are refined and exquisite,can be found everywhere in the courtyard.The Gaojia Ya, Hongmen Bao, Chongning Bao and others are open for visting now.

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