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West Lake Park

 Fuzhou Attractions

Fuzhou West Lake Park is located at the foot of Wolong Mountain in northwest Fuzhou, Fujiang Province. The west lake in Fuzhou was excavated in 282 A.D. by Yan Gao, an official of Jing Dynasty. In late Tang Dynasty, it became famous because of its wonderful scenery. During the age of Five Dynasties, an emperor built waterside pavilions around the lake and took it as his imperial garden. Later in Song Dynasty, it became a famous tourist attraction and a lot of poets paid a visit to it and wrote many beautiful poems for it. In 1828 in Qing Dynasty, Lin Zexu, the anti-opium patriot restored the bank around the lake. The lake was publicized as West Lake Park.

In the park across the lake, there is a long causeway. The original causeway was established in 1930 and it was 8 meters wide, 139 meters long. The restored one is largely widened. It is now 18 meters wide. Seen from a distance, the causeway looks like a silk ribbon floating over the water. Walking around it, you can enjoy the tender caress of willow branches swaying in the breeze. The lake is strewed with several small natural islets. Bridges connect any two islets. Kaihua Temple, the oldest building in the park, stands in the center of Kaihua Islet. It is said that it was built in 1037 in North Song Dynasty. Besides, in the park there is a zoo, a museum, and a pavilion named Opium-prohibition Pavilion, which was constructed in memory of Lin Zexu’s opium-prohibition movement.

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