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Wetland Park

 Xichang Attractions

Xichang Wetland Park is situated at the north of Qionghai Lake and at the foot of Lushan Mountain in Xichang City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The Wetland Park is a famous tourist site in Sichuan with beautiful ecological scenery and pleasant environment.

The Xichang Wetland Park is consisted of four conservation areas, namely Bird-watching Islet, Dreamy Water Town, Misty Rain & Egret Islet, and Crane Shadow, which were constructed by the wetland restoring project for the purpose of protecting the ecology of Qionghai Lake.

The Wetland Park has fully demonstrated the harmony of nature and ecology. There are artificial islets built in the park for tourists to get close to water and nature. Also the combination of pavilions and corridors, water and bridge provides pleasant scenery. Inside the Wetland Park, there are many kinds of plants and vegetation, hundreds of species of birds for tourists to watch. The comfortable environment with the charming original ecological scenery at the Wetland Park really worth visiting.

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