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Xichan Temple

 Fuzhou Attractions

The Xichan Temple stands to the west of Fuzhou city, just near Fuzhou University. It is one of five Buddhist temples and was constructed in the Tang Dynasty. In the temple there are several ancient relics, including imperial handwriting by Emperor Kangxi, murals, a dagoba depicting a Buddhist Monk from the Five Dynasties and others. There are two jade statues of Buddha brought from Myanmar in the Jade Buddha Hall.

The seated Buddha is 2.95 meters tall, while the reclining one measures 3.7 meters in length. The present name "Xichan temple" originates that there are temples at the all four corners of Fuzhou city, and Changqin temple is in the west, so the name "west temple"(Xichan temple) is acquired.

Xichan Temple includes ten buildings: Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Precious Palace, Court, Pavilion for keeping Buddhist scriptures, Guest Room, Buddhist room, Fangtai Room, Room for praying to Buddha, Storehouse, Room for Diet, Mingyuan Pavilion, Bell Tower, drum tower, jade Buddha building , Pavilion of the goddess of mercy, Baoen Tower, new room for praying to Buddha, Shangke room , Haihui building. There is a figure of the goddess of mercy with one thousand hands and eyes built with yellow bronze in the Pavilion of the goddess of mercy.

The Baoen Tower in Xichan temple is a conspicuous building in the temple. It was built in 1986, and is a brick tower with eight angles pavilion with antiquity style. It has a height of 67 meters and 15 floors. It has 8 halls inside and 9 corridors outside and is the highest brick tower in the country. The wall of each floor is engraved with Buddhist figures and Buddhist stories by the famous masons in Huian and is dotted with birds and beasts, flowers and fish, too. Hundreds of litchis surrounded the inside of the temple, with elegance and uniqueness. Moreover, there are the relics of white turtle spitting spring, the inscription in the tower of Lanan master ,who is the first master in Tang dynasty, seven-star well in Tang dynasty, the tower of Huiling master in the five periods. Hundreds of litchis surrounded the inside of the temple, with elegance and uniqueness.

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