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Yiwu International Trade City

 Yiwu Attractions

Yiwu International Trade City, also called Futian Market, is a modern international specialty trade market. It is located in Chouzhou Road, Yiwu in Zhejiang Province. With its huge area, vast variety of commodities sold, modern and complete facilities, Yiwu International Trade City is the landmark of Yiwu and also has become the must-see tourist attraction for tourists traveling to Yiwu.

Yiwu International Trade City occupies an area of 40,000,000 square meters with more than 70,000 shops and stores. The trade city is divided into five business districts, with each district sells different catalogues of products. The Yiwu International Trade City is a commodity world where you can buy almost anything there, like toys, jewels, crafts, ornaments, flowers, and so on.

As the center of trade, community, information and exhibition for international commodity, Yiwu International Trade City attract a large volume of businessmen from all over the world every day. Now it has been nominated as the first Grade AAAA National Tourism and Shopping Zone. Just enjoy shopping at Yiwu International Trade City.

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