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Yongding Hongkeng Tulou Cluster

 Longyan Attractions

Yongding Hongkeng Tulou Cluster is a Tulou cluster which have more than 40 Tulou buildings and lead by Zhencheng Lou. Hongkeng Tulou Cluster?is?located in Hongkeng village, Hukeng Town in Yongding County, which has more than 600 years history. The village is surrounded by the hills. All the Tulou were built in the terraced valley by the side of a streem named Hongchuan.?

Tulous in Hongkeng are connected to each other one by one. Three of them are been included in the national key cultural relics protection units, it is Zhencheng Lou, Kuiju Lou and Fuyu Lou. Among them, Zhencheng Lou has been called "the prince of Tulou", which built in 1912, takes more than five years to complete the construction. Other famouse?

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