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Yongquan Temple

 Fuzhou Attractions

Yongquan Temple stands at the foot of the White Cloud Peak of Gushan Mountain, 455 meters high. Constructed in the Five Dynasties (908), it comes first on the list of the five Buddhist temples in Fuzhou and still preserves large and middle-sized palaces and temple halls today. The name was given because of the Luohan Spring in front of the temple gushing out of the earth. there are three invaluable state treasures being housed in the temple--. the pottery pagodas with a thousand Buddha, the ocean-bed wooden altar table and the Buddhist scripture printed with an ancient printing plate. There are "three irons" (iron tree or sago cycads, iron pot and iron wire wood) which are in the temple as well.

The Spring-gushing Temple was initially built during year Kaiping , post Liang dynasty in Five Dynasties with the primary name "the house for prime minister". In song dynasty, it was endowed the name "Spring-gushing monastery of Baiyun summit "and changed to "Spring-gushing Temple" in Ming dynasty. In Qing dynasty, the emperor Kangxi awarded the golden paint tablet o¬n which "spring-gushing temple" was written by himself. The present temple primarily maintained the construction style in Ming and Qing dynasty.

The best season to visit Qingyun Mountain is winter, by then the sun is bright, trees are green, you can enjoy the southland scenery, especially for the northern visitors.

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