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Zhaoxing Dong People's Village

 Liping County Attractions

Zhaoxing Dong People's Village is located in Southeast of Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Liping County, covers an area of 180,000 square meters, more than 1,200 residents of households, 6000 people are living here, it is one of the nation's largest Dong village, enjoy the reputation of "The biggest Dong village in China". If you want to travel to Guizhou, you have to go to Zhaoxing Dong Village.

In 2005 , Zhaoxing Dong People's Village are been appraised and elected by " Chinese National Geography "  to be the "One of the China's most beautiful six villages." In 2007, it was been elected as " the world's most attractive 33 tourist destinations" by "Fashion tourism" and the United States's " National Geographic ".

Zhaoxing is famous for its Drum building, its unique in Dong village in the country, so it known as the " The home town of Drum buidling cultural." The Drum building is an auspicious symbol, a sign of prosperity, people in the village raise funds to build it. There are 8 functions of Drum buidling: one, it is the logo of Dong village. Two, The sign of Dong. Three, the place for Dong people to relax. Four, it is the social occasions for young people. Five, it is the place to receive guests . Six, a place for meeting. Seven is the transmission of information or alarm tool. Eight, worship places.

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