Famous Visitors to Chengdu

US First Lady Michelle Obama

Date: 25th March 2014

Attractions & Activities: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Kuan-Zhai Lane, Sichuan hot pot meal, Learning Chinese Calligraphy & Tai Chi.Mrs.

Obama visited Chengdu on the 25th March 2014 accompanied by her two daughters and mother. During the visit Mrs. Obama tried her hand at Taichi with students from No.7 High School. To end her trip in China she and her family made a trip to the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Date: 4th December 2013

Attractions & Activities: Du Fu Cottage, Tea tasting, Playing table tennis, Sichuan hot pot meal

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron made a trip to Chengdu in 2013 for economic trade. However, Mr. Cameron also made time for leisure in China. He enjoyed a game of table tennis with primary school students in Chengdu. Moreover, the Prime Minisiter also took time out to enjoy tea at Du Fu Memorial Hall Museum. As for cuisine Mr. Cameron also made a visit to famous Hotpot restaurant Xiangtianxia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Date: 6th July 2014

Attractions & Activities: Learning to cook Sichuan cuisine — Kung Pao Chicken

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is no stranger to China, on her 7th visit to China she learns how to cook Kung Pao Chicken. As a signature dish of Chengdu only the best restaurant chef could teach the Chancellor the secrets of perfecting the recipe at Yinxiang Restaurant.

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