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Jilin Province is situated in the central part of northeast China with the short name of Ji and Changchun as the capital city. It is adjacent to North Korea and Russia in the east, Heilongjiang Province is the north, Liaoning Province in the south, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the west. It covers a land area of 187,400 square kilometers.

Geography and climate

Jilin Province is featured with high in the southeastern part and low in the northwestern part with a vast plain lying in the mid-west. The magnificent Changbai Mountains run through the southeastern part of Jilin with the highest point of Baiyun Peak at 2,691 meters. Other mountains that play a great role in the geography are the Jilinhada Mountains, Zhang Guangcai Mountains and Longgang Mountains. Rivers that run through in Jilin are Yalu and Tumen Rivers, Liao River, Songhua and Nen Rivers.

Climate in Jilin belongs to distinct continental monsoon climate, which is featured with long, cold winters and short, warm summers.


Culture in Jilin is famous by the unique local flavored cultural forms of Er ren zhuan, Stilts, Yangge and Jilin Opera. Also the ethnic cultures in Jilin with their own distinct characteristics, like the Korean ethnic have enriched its diversity.


Jilin has great rich tourism resources both in natural scenery and historic sites. There are famous popular sites like the Goguryeo sites and tombs, the Baekdu Mountain, Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain, the Tomb of General Yang Jingyu, the Changbaishan Nature Reserve, the Automobile Town, the Changchun Film Studio, Beishan Park and so on.
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The Most Popular Destinations in Jilin

The Most Popular Attractions in Jilin