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Guangzhou Railway Station

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Name in Chinese: 广州火车站
Name in pinyin:
Huanshi Xi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Address in Chinese: 广州市越秀区环市西路
Metro line 2 and 5 pass the station. Bus routes to the stations are: B2, B2A, B10, 30, 31, 52, 52 express, 180, 201, 210, 211, 228, 254, 257, 275, 529 545, Night 15, Night 18, Night 45, Night 79 and Night 55.

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Guangzhou Railway Station is located at Huanshixi Road. It was built in 1974. Mainly Guangzhou Railway Station operates the railways between Beijing and Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Maoming, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Guangzhou and Wuhan, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The train types include D, K and T. Train type G does not pass Guangzhou Railway Station. There are four train stations in Guangzhou, and this station is the oldest. Advanced high-speed trains mostly depart from other two more modernized stations. The trains depart from this station are mostly slower trains stopping for multiple destinations. Guangzhou Railway Station is more likely to be your first choice if you are heading to middle or small cities.

The station has four floors (one underground floor). The underground floor is the entrance/exit for metro; the first floor has transfer between metro and intercity trains, taxi stand, and parking lot; the second floor has VIP waiting hall; the third floor are the waiting halls. 

It is common to find out that the area around a train station is messy and sometimes chaotic. This is no exception for Guangzhou Station. As usual, underground transportation is the best way to get to the station.

Nearby the train station there are intercity coach stations. From which you can get to other cities in Pearl River Delta fairly easy. The exhibition hall of Canton fair and Yuexiu Park are within walk distance to the station. Wholesale center of clothes and shoes are also nearby. 

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