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Kunming Railway Station Railway Station

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Chinese Name: 昆明火车站
Address: Beijing Road, Guandu Area
Chinese Address: 官渡区,北京路
Bus lines: 2, Z12, 25, 47, 59, 239, 60, 64, 86, 117, 134, 154, 209, K12, 31, 32, 58, 68, 107, 140, C142, 23, 24, 44, 83, 236, 80, 202, 209, 919C, 242
Metro: under construction

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Kunming railway station is the gateway to not just Kunming but also the whole Yunnan Province. Being the biggest railway station in the Southwest China, it can hold about 10,000 people at the same time. The railway station runs provincial trains to Nanning, Yuxi and many other destinations inside Yunnan. It also operates 12 interprovincial lines to major cities such as Chengdu, Guiyang, Hekou. The station has international train bounds for Vietnam as well. Normal speed train (L, K, T) and slow train (four-digit number) are available at the station. There is no high speed train yet.

The structure of the station is very straightforward. There are main entrances at both sides. After the entrance there are elevators to the departure awaiting room. The platforms are very close to the awaiting room. Many closed circus cameras were installed in the station and are monitored 24-hours to enhance security. 

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