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Facilities Onboard

To ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey on the train, well-equipped facilities in the carriage are highly demanded. Let’s have a look at what facilities are equipped onboard the ordinary trains in order to satisfy passengers’ needs.


Passengers are demanded to take the seat or berth in their tickets, except for those people who bought a standing-room ticket. Numbers of seats and berths are presented on the wall of the carriage. Hard seats are actually padded seats with less room and comfort but are acceptable for short distance and more efficient than sleepers. Soft seats are commonly seen at some short distance trains which are clean and quiet. Hard sleepers are quite popular for overnight trains. There are sis berths in each hard-sleep compartment with upper, middle and lower berths. Softer sleeper berths are much wider than harder sleepers as there are only four berths on every soft-sleeper compartment. But they are cleaner and more expensive. Luxury softer sleeper berths are most comfortable but most expensive aomng all the seats.

Luggage Rack

There are overhead luggage racks in hard seats and soft seat carriages. And under-seat areas are also available for luggage. These luggage racks usually measure a size of 50cm wide and 50-60cm high to accommodate a maximum 28” trolley case. Luggage rack for hard sleeper berths isseated above the aisle. While in soft sleeper and luxury sleeper, there are luggage closet in each compartment for the settle of luggage.
Freshly meals like rice, noodles, soups and dishes, and drinks like beer and coffee are served at dining cars which are usually located between the hard sleeper and hard seat coaches. Also there are trolleys with meals for sale at mealtime by the attendants. Besides, a small trolley selling snacks, drinks, magazine and other small items will go back and forth through the carriage aisle by the attendants.
Drinking Water
Drinkable boiled hot water can be obtained from the water heater at the end of each carriage during the trip. But disposable cups are not available, passengers should use their own bottles or cups. In the coaches of hard sleeper and soft sleeper, a thermos for hot water is available.
  • Toilet

    Toilets of squat type are available at each end of the carriage. Toilet paper is not provided. Western style toilets and toilet paper are only available at some soft sleeper coaches and the private bathrooms in luxury soft sleeper compartment. All the toilets are closed when a train is approaching a station.

  • Electricity

    Electricity power with a voltage of 220V is available on all air-conditioned trains. There is one socket in every compartment of soft sleeper coach and three in the aisle. For hard sleepers, there are three in the aisle. While there is only one socket available in the conductor’s cubicle for hard seat coaches. Five devices like mobile phone, tablet, PC, electronic razor and portable battery are acceptable to recharge in the train.

  • Entertainment

    Music and brief introduction to some hot destination and cities are available in Chinese radio program on the train. Most sleeper compartments and some hard seat carriages have TV sets that are able to play Chinese TV programs.

  • Security

    Security facilities like fire extinguishers, security hammers, and emergency brake are equipped at every carriage.

  • Dustbin

    A dustbin for large items is available at the connection area between carriages in the train. For small trash, there is a tray for litter on the small table between two rows of seats.

  • Smoking Area

    Smoking is only allowed at the joint sections between two carriages where ashtrays are provided. Passengers smoke at non-smoking area will be fined according to relative regulation.


Security facilities like fire extinguishers, security hammers, and emergency brake are equipped at every carriage.

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