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Food on train

A carriage on the train is considered to be an epitomeof the society. Thus, to know more about the Chinese culture and experience Chinese life, traveling with a train has become a popular among foreign tourists. This article is specialized for the information about food on train from what you would get well prepared before taking a train in China.

Dining Car

There is a dining car equipped in a Chinese train, but some short-distance trains do not have. The dining car is to provide meals, drinks and snacks on the trip and is usually located in the middle of the train or often at the carriage between the hard seat and had sleeper coaches. The primary rule for dining at the dining car is that you have to pay for food you buy.

Whatavailable at the dining car are Chinese food like steamed stuffed buns, porridge, breads and pickles for breakfast, rice, noodles, dishes and soups for lunch and supper. Western food is not available. Sometimes coffee, tea and breads are offered in some trains.

Prepared and heated packed meals at the prices from CNY 15-45 at high-speed trains. And in the dining cars in ordinary trains, you can order a dish from the menu and cooks in the kitchen would make for you. A dish like this may cost CNY 25. Drinks like beers, non-alcoholic beverages and bottled water are for sale. Also you can buy some popular snacks like peanuts and cookies there.

• Trolleys
During a trip, there will be train attendants bringing trolleys go back and forth through the carriage aisles selling packed meals at mealtimes. For other times, drinks, snacks, magazines, packed fruits and other small items are for sale at trolleys.
• Platform
Passengers can also buy food and drinks from the venders at platform when the train stops at a station. Usually snacks are what to buy from vendors. Sometimes you can even buy local snacks, like steamed corn cobs, tea-flavored boiled eggs and braised duck neck and leg from vendors at the platform.

What Chinese Passengers Eat on Train

For most Chinese passengers, they would like to bring their own food and eat in their seats. They usually take an extra bag full of food, including various kinds of snacks, fruits, bottled water and beers. Instant noodles and sausage may be the most popular choice for their meals. Sunflower seeds, peanuts, braised duck neck and legs are popular snacks to kill the time during the trip.


● Bring your own food if you do not want food on the train.

● Instant rice and noodles are good choices for train food. Also sandwiches, bread, milk, eggs and fruits are recommendations bring into the train.

● There are fast restaurants like KFC and McDonald are located around train stations. You can get some take-away food before boarding.

● If you want to have a meal at the dining car, you’d better go there earlier, or it would be quite crowded at peak meal time.

● Bring a bottle that can hold hot water so that you can use the boiled hot water if in need.



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