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Price request for Gegentala Grassland Yurt from 26 till 29 July - three nights for 2 Deluxe Yurts

Hello, I would like to ask about prices for Gegentala Grassland Yurt from 26 till 29 July. We are interested in two Deluxe Yurts (for two families). We will come by ourself. We need just Yurts.

Asked by tamara fruehsoreger on July.12, 2014 22:06

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Hi tamara, Thanks for your questions. I have checked, the Yurt rent is unavailble in July any more. It was all rent out a month ago. There are all kind of Yurt, and cheapest Yurt is about 350RMB/day, if you want deluxe, the price should from RMB500-1000/day. If you have any other questions, please reply to

Answered by CTA on July.15, 2014 11:16