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Xilingol Grasslands from Hohhot or Xilinhot or Beijing?

Hi I was planning to go to Xilingol Grasslands. I will be arriving in Beijing at 1am. Should I take the flight to Xilinhot or go to Hohhot first and then go to Xilingol Grasslands? What is the best way/ how many hours travel/ and how much is the cost - if I want to go to Xilingol Grasslands from Xilinhot or from Hohhot? Would it be cheaper/easier to go to Xilingol Grasslands from Beijing? If yes, how? Thank you!!

Asked by CWong on Mar.20, 2015 17:23

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Hello. Thanks for your detail information. From Beijing to Hohhot, it is recommended to take by flight. If you go there by train, it will cost you about at least 7 hours. It is too long. There is not transportation from Beijing to Xilingol Grasslands. Hohhot is a good stop in Mongolia.

Answered by Steven on Mar.24, 2015 11:55