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Anshun Weather and Climate

Anshun has a humid subtropical monsoon climate of plateau type. Climate of Anshun City is featured with characteristics of cool, humid, fresh and low sun radiation. It has a long comfort period, a pleasant place for living and an excellent city as summer resort.

Anshun City has an annual average temperature of 14℃ with warm winters and cool summers. It has an annual relative humidity of 80%. Its extreme high temperature is 34℃ in history. It has abundant rainfall with an annual rainfall volume of 1,360mm. At Anshun, there are about 9 months that has average temperature above 10℃. At the summer, Anshun only has 4-5 sunshine hours. And its cloudy and rainy days have effectively blocked sun radiation. This is why people living in Anshun seem to have whiter skins.

Summer of Anshun has two characteristics, including common valley wind and summer monsoon, many rainy and cloudy days. These two factors stay Anshun always cool and fresh in summer. Anshun has a comfort period of 8 months, which is the same with that of Kunming City of Yunnan Province. Its comfort period falls in March to October every year. And this is the best time to visit Anshun.