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Burqin Weather and Climate

Burqin has a continental climate featured by North Temperate Zone Cold Area. Burqin has long and severe cold winters, short and hot summers. Springs and autumns are quite dry. Burqin generally has windy climate with few rainfall. There is abundant sunshine in Burqin, and it has great temperature difference between day and night.

Due to the large difference of altitudes, climate in Burqin is accordingly divided into four climate zones. The cold and humid northern part high mountainous area with elevation higher than 1,300 meters, it has annual average temperature of 1-4℃ and annual rainfall between 400mm to 600mm. There are no distinct changes in the four seasons.

The central hills and basin area belongs to a semi-desert cold temperature zone with elevation of 650 – 1300 meters. This area has annual average temperature of minus 1 to 3℃. Annual rainfall is only 200-400m with 70-140 frost-free days.

The eastern and western plain regions belong to cool arid zone. At this area, the average elevation is 454-650 meters. Annual average temperature is about 4℃ with annual rainfall of 120-200mm and 142-153 frost-free days.

And the last one is the southern arid zone. Elevation here is 470-1,588 meters with annual average temperature of 3-4℃, annual rainfall under 200mm and 130-140 frost-free days.