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Chongqing Weather and Climate

Chongqing has a humid subtropical climate, with the two-season monsoonal variations typical of South Asia. The annual average temperature here is 17 to 18.8 centigrade and the relative humidity is about 80%.

Chongqing is located in the transition area between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Middle-lower Yangtze Plain. It is part of the humid sub-tropical monsoon climate belt. The annual average temperature is 18° C  to 20 ° C, with a low temperature of 4 ° C in winter and a high temperature of 40 ° C in summer. Chongqing weather is famous for the hot summers and the city is known as one of "furnace cities" in China.

Bring light clothing such as T-shirts, shorts and sandals if you come in summer. Also, remember to bring your umbrella, sunglasses, and suntan lotion to avoid the heat and solar radiation. Chongqing is also a fog city that has about 100 foggy days a year usually in spring and summer. Chongqing receives abundant rainfall, averaging about 1000 to 1400 millimeters (39 to 55 inches) annually. It has plenty of evening rain all year round but it's best to visit the city during spring, autumn and winter. 

Chongqing Weather Tips
There is little frost and snow, but much wind and frog all year around Chongqing. Chongqing in Winter is warm and hot in summer. The best time to travel Chongqing is spring and winter. There is plenty of rain in autumn, so these two seasons are not fit for traveling. 

April is a good month to visit the city as temperature is still bearable and rainfall not especially heavy. If you wait until the following month or later still into the summer time, you really do need to be prepared for the heat and the constant threat of precipitation.