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Dalian Weather and Climate

Dalian is located in the North Temperate Zone which has the typical temperate continental climate with agreeable weather and four distinct seasons. So whenever you come to Dalian, you will enjoy the different beautiful views of Dalian. Dalian weather is enjoyable.Spring always come in March and end in May, during which suitable for wearing sweater and jacket etc.; summer lasts from June to August, during that time you can enjoy the cool sea breeze wearing T—shirts and shorts; while in the autumn which is usually from September to November, the temperature difference shouldn't be ignored that the jacket and coat is suggested; and in the winter which duration is from December to February, the wadded coat and down wear is the best choice,

Dalian has four distinct seasons, with no freezing winter or sweltering summer. The perennial current from the ocean moistens the air, but the city is also plagued by monsoon. Visitors are suggested to put on windproof clothes.

At the beginning of March, the temperature is still not very high; visitors are suggested to put on warm coats. It’s getting warmer gradually after April and May, long sleeves T-shirt or shirt will be enough for outdoor activities. At that time, air quality turns better and the sunshine is perfect. Therefore, hats, sunglasses as well as sunshades will be necessary outdoors.

In the late May and early June, people in Dalian wear short sleeve T-shirts, and girls will put on pretty skirts. This time is also the beginning of tourism golden season. The hottest days in Dalian usually appear between July and August. The temperature can reach even 40 degrees Celsius, but this kind of days will only last for one or two weeks at most. Although the temperature is not high, protection measures are necessary due to strong sunshine.

The temperature is still very high in September and October, but not as high as in the summer. The sea wind is very cool and comfortable. At this time, walking on the famous Binhai Road will be the best choice for people. In November, plants in Dalian begin to turn yellow, and the mountain forests become more colorful, climbing will be very popular but protection measures are still necessary due to strong sunshine.

It is not very cold in winter here. Generally, down jackets and sweaters will be enough to keep warm; but for outdoor activities, wrap up before you go, or purchase the fine quality leather hats, overcoats and shoes there to keep you warm.

Falling within the North Temperate Zone with continental climate, Dalian is the warmest place in the northeastern part of China. The average temperature of the whole year stays around 10 degrees Celsius. August is the hottest month, when the average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius with extremes as high as 30. January is the coldest month, when the average temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius. The peak season for tourism is from May to early October.