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Daocheng Weather and Climate

Daocheng has a monsoon plateau climate with typical continental characteristics. It has clear weather with bright sunshine most of the time in a year. It has long winters and short summers with great temperature difference between day and night. Also it has great vertical temperature difference.

Daocheng has an annual average temperature of 4.4℃ with the annual average temperature in January of minus 5.3℃ and 12℃ in July. Daocheng has distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet season is from May to October but mainly in May to August, and dry season from November to April of the following year. Daocheng has an annual rainfall of 630mm. Rainfall often appears in the afternoon.

Since there are great snow mountains with the county, Daocheng has cloudy and foggy days most of the time. But it still has annual sunshine hours of 2,600 hours.